The Community Presbyterian Church is the oldest church in Payson. One of our mission statements is to respond with nurture and care to the greater community.  One of the ways we do that is by maintaining and improving the church facilities to serve our members and the community.
In 1935 the original church members constructed a log cabin church with volunteer labor and memorial gifts for funding. This 82-year old log building has served as home for the Community Presbyterian Child Learning Center (CPCLC) for approximately 30 years. Because of recent needs we are using the 100 year old manse and a modular building set on the property in the 80’s. CPCLC provides an educational environment for our community’s pre-school age children; it provides a safe haven for the children of single parents, working parents and grandparents. CPCLC allows an avenue by which our church continues its outreach to our community as described in the mission statement. Children enrolling in CPCLC are NOT discriminated against based on sex, nationality, religion, race, or economics.
Because of the facility’s age, plans have begun to replace CPCLC’s current buildings with a new structure.  Funding was kick-started with an anonymous gift of $100,000 in 2011. In 2016 we received another gift of $200,000. In 2017 an anonymous donor offered a $100,000 Challenge Grant, challenging us to match that gift, which, if met, would give us $500,000 to begin the building project for a new center. Church members are donating to the fund as well, and momentum is gathering.
The enrollment of CPCLC has remained extremely steady over the last three years, varying from an average of 51 in 2014 to an average of 48 in 2016.  Much of this is due to state regulations on classroom dimensions for the number of allowable children per classroom. However, because of closures of other early childcare facilities in the community, our waiting list has exploded from an annual average of 2.3 in 2014 to an annual average of 43.0 by the end of 2016, which brings us back to our mission statement of trying to meet the needs of the community.
We are asking you to donate to help us meet the $100,000 Challenge Grant so we can replace the facilities currently used by the center, and also expand our ability to increase enrollment, helping additional Payson-area families in need of daycare.
For additional information, view our website at and CPCLC’s Facebook page at  Community Presbyterian Child Learning Center Payson AZ.  Questions can be directed to: Rev. Charles Proudfoot at 928-468-6583. Our mailing address is: Community Presbyterian Church, 800 W. Main Street, Payson AZ 85541. Special recognition will be given to those who contribute at the following levels: Platinum-$10,000 and up; Gold-$5,000 to $9,999; Silver-$2,500-4,999; and Copper-$1,000 to $2,499, although any amount would be appreciated. We are requesting your money to match this grant by Dec. 31, 2017, just in time to provide you with a 2017 income tax deduction to our 501(3)(c) project!  Your check should be made out to COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Please note on the check that it is specifically to be used for the “CPCLC Challenge Grant”.  Thank you for considering this worthwhile community endeavor!